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Professional Editing & Proofreading with a Depth of Experience

While translation is our passion, we at 5 Star Translation go far beyond that to offer you professional editing and proofreading services. With a solid background in writing, including formal education, training and years of experience, we are able to edit and proofread documents (in both English and French) with a level of expertise and attention to detail that is virtually unsurpassed.

We pride ourselves on wearing many hats here at 5 Star Translation. Although we offer multiple services in the field of written communications, we approach each task with 100% focus. When it comes to editing and proofreading, that means we are dialed in on the document before our eyes, catching even the smallest of mistakes and finding the best ways to express even the most nuanced of ideas – in English and in French.

Why Should a Professional Translation Matter?

  • Good communication in both French & English can help your business succeed even more

  • Reputational risk for the business when exposed to substandard translation services

  • Small price to pay for communicating the right message to your target audience

  • Website translation subsidized by the government through a grant by the RGA!

A Fresh Set of Eyes to Edit & Proofread Your Text

Our editing and proofreading services are also available as a standalone service. While many of our translation clients use our editing and/or proofreading services, other clients come to us with a document in hand – be it French or English – and simply need a fresh set of eyes to polish their writing and give it that added touch of professionalism.

We excel at editing and proofreading a variety of writing across a wide range of subjects and platforms. Sometimes it’s editing and/or proofreading for a website that’s about to launch. We also get clients needing editing or proofreading for business documents, articles, books, manuals and much more. No matter your editing or proofreading needs, we’re experienced and equipped to handle it with accuracy, style and professionalism.

The Importance of Professional Editing & Proofreading

Whether you are preparing to launch a website, submit a document, article, training material or more, professional editing and proofreading can save you from an embarrassing typo! The content that you or your business release reflects back onto your reputation. Editing and proofreading can be the difference between mediocre content and amazing content.

When executed with care and the right expertise, editing and proofreading allow your content to successfully communicate the proper message to the intended audience. Especially if that content is to be translated from English to French! You want to ensure that the original piece of work is free of error so that the translation process goes smoothly. If you’re interested in having your documents edited and/or proofread before our tram translates them, get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between copy editing and proofreading lies in which components of a written work each role focuses on.

In copy editing, the copy is tidied up for conciseness and polished so that the information is delivered to the reader clearly.

Proofreading, however, is the last opportunity to catch errors and correct inconsistencies relating to how the page looks.

Our comprehensive proofreading checklist guarantees accurate editing on every document. We cover all grammatical, typographical, structural, and presentational aspects of proofreading and editing.

This comprehensive proofreading checklist is intended to catch every mistake, regardless matter whether it was made due to sloppy typing, forgetting the language, using English as a second language, or for any other cause. Our proofreaders and editors have in-depth knowledge, and they will not only fix your documents but also provide clear explanations so you won’t make the same error again.

Without a doubt! We have an internal NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that all of our proofreaders have signed, and we are happy to sign one that you or your legal team has also written. The Proofreaders are only concerned with editing and proofreading your documents. They will be finished and stored for a short while on our internal systems before being removed.

At 5 Star Translation, we have experience working with clients from a variety of industries operating in Canada and around the world. While our main focus is English to French translation, we provide editing and proofreading services to ensure that the final product is the best that it can be. Since our team has experience working in several industries, we are able to provide valuable feedback and suggestions for how to improve your documents.

If you’re interested in our editing and proofreading services, contact our team today!

Unfortunately no. During our editing and proofreading process, we may suggest ways to clarify certain aspects of your content, but we do not provide complete rewrites of your content. Our team is knowledgeable in the verbiage of various industries, so we may also make suggestions for the use of language throughout your text.

If you have any questions about our editing and proofreading services, reach out to our team!

After working on a project for an extended period of time, our eyes tend to miss the smallest mistakes and read what they want to see (even if it’s not what is actually written!). By editing and proofreading before having documents translated, you can ensure that your document is error-free and it makes sense – in English and French! Our team has years of experience working with our clients for their editing and proofreading needs.

Do you have a document that needs translating and are interested in our editing and proofreading services? Contact us today!

It is common for people to think that editing and proofreading are the same. However, they are actually done at different stages of the writing process. Editing is done on the first draft of a document and is repeated until the final copy. Whereas proofreading is done on the final draft of the document. At 5 Star Translation, we can step in at any point and provide you with editing and proofreading before you submit your final written piece. Usually, our clients will have us edit and proofread the documents they submit to us for translation.

Interested in our editing and proofreading services? Contact our team today!

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The Regroupement des gens d’affaires (RGA), the Francophone Chamber of Commerce for Canada’s National Capital, in collaboration with Heritage Canada, subsidizes the cost of website translation of small and medium-sized businesses. The cost to you is 11 cents per word, with a one-time RGA registration fee of $75

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