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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical documents are produced by professionals who have a high level of technical expertise in their field. If you decide to take the document and use an online translation tool or a bilingual employee, you risk reducing the quality of the work. Any errors or missing information also opens your company up to lawsuits or the need to re-translate the document. Working with a professional translator for technical translation ensures your information is perfectly translated to French.

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Absolutely! Our translation specialists are able to translate any piece of content using any writing style. We will make sure that we are staying consistent to the tone being used in the previous content. We will also take the time to proofread and improve on the previous content that you had translated to make sure it is accurate and well-done.

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At 5 Star Translation, our translators have many years of experience translating websites. From e-commerce and service websites to non-profits and local businesses, our translators have translated content for a variety of different industries and services. Our knowledge and ability to research any subject allows us to use the right terminology so that we are providing you with high quality website translations.

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In general, websites are usually the first point of contact that customers have with your business. Having a website that is well-designed with good content can only reach so many potential customers if your content is only in English. Adding French content to your website means your business will be able to rank higher on search engines like Google. Having accurate translations of every page on your website can help improve the customer experience for your current francophone customers.

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All we need from you is the size and scope of what you want translated from English to French. Our team of professional translators have so many years of experience in English to French translations that they are able to take any text using any writing style and translate it properly.

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At 5 Star Translation, you’ll be getting an English to French translation from a certified professional translator. In order to provide our clients with translation services in a timely manner, we start by using AI tools to help us begin the process. We then take the time to go through every section of the translation and add context to ensure that the correct tone is being properly carried over from English to French.

Our professional translators are committed to providing accurate and complete translations. If you have any more questions about our English to French translation services, contact us today!

Most people think of Google Translate when they are looking for an easy way to translate text or content from English to French. While Google Translate may be helpful for individual words or common phrases, it’s usefulness ends when faced with a complex sentence or paragraphs. When working with a professional translation service, the benefits include:

  • High Quality Translations
  • Correct Cultural/Syntax Translations
  • Accurate Translations
  • Consistent Translations

The French language can be complex and depending on your target audience, there may be syntax or slang that should be considered (or avoided) when translating content.

At 5 Star Translation, our team of professional translators have many years of experience and can translate any text using any style of writing. All while making sure the proper tone and message of the text remain consistent between both languages.

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French is one of Canada’s official languages and Francophones can be found in many Canadian provinces. In Ottawa, French is the mother tongue of approximately 131,000 residents. We are also right along the Ontario-Quebec border, so there are still more Francophones to account for.

What does this mean for your Ottawa business? It means that a significant portion of your potential audience speaks and understands French. Taking the initiative to have properly translated French content on your website or documents can mean expanding your businesses reach. Professional English to French translations will allow you to communicate the right message to your target audience.

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This depends on a number of factors:

  • Number of words to translate
  • Difficulty of the translation
  • Format of the text
  • Type of media to be translated

When you contact 5 Star Translation, we will consult with you to determine your needs and assess the translation job, providing you with a quote that is fairly and competitively priced.

Having a bilingual employee on your team is certainly a valuable asset when you aren’t bilingual yourself. They could do translations for you, but there are a couple factors you should consider before going this route:

  • Your employee’s regular responsibilities and workload could impact the speed of completion and the quality of translation.
  • Your employee may not be a strong writer and may translate your text too literally. This can cause a loss of desired writing style, and distort the text’s context and messaging.
  • The target audience somehow can always tell if the text has been translated professionally or not. Why risk it?

A professional translator, like Michel Boulet, is so experienced in translations that he can translate any text using any style of writing while making sure the translated text is capturing the proper context and messaging. Since it’s his job, he will be devoting 100% of his attention to your text so you can be sure that the translated product will be completed swiftly and high-quality. Plus, a professional translator will add local twists or flavours to the text which will make it read like an original document.

Google Translate is a helpful tool to translate individual words or basic phrases, but nothing more. Translating complex sentences or paragraphs of text this way will only give you the gist of what you are trying to say in French.

This is because there are different kinds of syntax used in French than there is in English. There is also a different dialect used in Quebecois French than there is in French native to France (which is used by Google Translate). If you were to use this to translate your website, marketing materials or other business documents, we can pretty much guarantee that your message will be misinterpreted, putting your business at risk.

Yes! We broker website translation subsidies from the Government of Canada. They are administered by the Regroupement des gens d’affaires (RGA.CA), the Francophone Chamber of Commerce in Ottawa-Gatineau. You will need to meet certain criteria to qualify for this subsidy, but 5 Star Translation can help you with securing this subsidy!

While there is an administrative fee of $50 for qualified recipients through the RGA, all you have to do once approved is to be able to pay $0.11 per word for your website translations, providing your business huge savings for the job!


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