Translation and
Editing Services

Context Matters!

We offer a range of professional translation, editing and proofreading services designed to help your company reach its full potential.

We customize solutions for your business by using a communications’ approach to translation, editing and proofreading. Our process starts with a discussion using the following sample questions:

  • Is the original text properly expressing the message the writer wants to convey? We can help with that!
  • Are the translated and edited documents in sync with the local environment, culture and targeted audience? We advise you on the right written context!
  • Do you have recurring internal and external communications that would benefit from translation or editing services? We have a business package for you!

Translation and Editing Services Using Communications Tools

Communicating your brand’s message is essential to business growth. Ensuring that the original context is conveyed in the other language is equally important to show understanding of the local culture of the targeted audience.


We provide a service which integrates context in the art of translation. We are experts at researching the proper business, legal and local terms that should be used so that your message is conveyed according to its original intent, into the proper cultural and business context.


We proofread and edit our translation work until the context is right for the message that is being conveyed. We advise you of the work done on your behalf and the decisions you need to make in terms of the communications of your message. We are expert at advising you on the wording needed in a language you may not be familiar with.


We edit and proofread documents to provide the reader with the comfort of understanding, at their level, the original message of the writer. We consult with you to determine your needs and advise you on the end results.

Business Packages

We offer a complete range of pricing options to meet your needs. Our pricing models include the following options:

Monthly Business Package:

  • Your business requires frequent internal and external communications in both English and French
  • for frequent users, this provides value for money at a fraction of the cost of an internal resource

À la carte services:

  • Your business requires occasional internal and external communications in both English and French
  • for occasional users, this provides the best value for money

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive rates to meet your needs, including monthly business packages.

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