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How To Provide Superior Service with Accurate Translations

Providing good, high-quality services to your customers is a priority for any business owner.


Even if you feel like you’ve reached the point where you’ve optimized your services offerings and customer relationship management, there is always more you can do!

Translating Documents & Service Offerings for Bilingual Companies

As a business operating in Ottawa or across Canada, you’ve likely come across the consideration of bilingual services.


Now, we’re not talking about hiring bilingual employees to manage French-speaking customers. We’re talking about offering French translations of your service offerings.


For instance, if you’re a marketing company that offers content writing services, you can offer clients these same services in French. Or, if you write documents for technical companies, you can offer them French versions of these documents as well.


These companies that you’re working with are also operating in the same bilingual market as you. Providing them with an option for translations saves them from having to deal with having to find a company to work with, resulting in a better overall service experience.

How Outsourcing Translations Improves the Quality of Your Services

Offering translations for your services does not mean you need to create an in-house translation team. The volume of documents your organization has to translate for clients can be easily managed by a professional translation service.


Here’s how outsourcing translations improves the quality of your services:

Extra Support for Scaling

Implementing a new service offering to scale your business can seem daunting. However, with the help of a professional translation company, a lot of the logistics are taken care of.


When you outsource translation services, you’re able to manage the increased workload much easier than if it were all being done in-house. No other aspect of your business has to suffer while you scale your business and include more service offerings.

Access to Expertise

When finding a professional translation company to work with, an experienced team will be readily available to help you with work that spans a variety of topics and industries.


You’ll be able to benefit from their use of localization and expertise to provide accurately translated work to your clients.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Working with a professional translation company allows you to use them on an as-needed basis. When you start a project that requires translations, you can bring them aboard rather than keeping part-time employees on your payroll.


Committing to bringing on new team members for translations only makes financial sense when a huge portion of your workload demands it. You can continue to allocate funding in other aspects of your business to continue improving your client relationships.

5 Star Translations’ Work With Engineers in Motion

Engineer’s in Motion is a client we have recently had the pleasure of working with. Their expertise includes design services, objective technical investigations, research and studies, and more.


Their client base consists of companies who are operating in a technical field such as insurance companies and restoration contractors. They investigate building damages related to fires, explosions, collapses, floods, wind, oil, and more and provide their expert advice related to temporary structural support. These reports are then used by their clients to complete their work, whether that’s insurance decisions or restoration work.


Operating in an Ottawa-Gatineau area means that a large majority of their clients are offering their services in both English and French. Their decision to outsource translation services to be able to provide their clients with their reports and investigation results in French has allowed them to reach new clients and provide superior services as a result.


If you’re interested in expanding your services to offer a superior experience for your clients, contact our team at 5 Star Translation to find out how we can help you!