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We offer quick translations without compromising on quality. Depending on the volume and scope, we can complete projects in as little as half a day.

Quick translation turnaround projects - Projets de traduction à délai d'exécution rapide
Precise translations on a tight deadline - Des traductions précises dans un délai très court


Precise translations
on a tight deadline.

For emergency translations, 5 Star Translation prioritizes both speed and quality without additional charges. We recognize the necessity of quick turnarounds and have a proven record of delivering prompt English to French translations while upholding our high standards of service. Our commitment to detail ensures accurate and thorough emergency translations. Just inform us about your project’s size and scope, and we’ll provide a realistic estimated delivery time.

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Good communication in both French & English can help your business succeed even more.

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Reputational risk for the business when exposed to substandard translation services.


Small price to pay for communicating the right message to your target audience. Use our translation company and sleep well at night!

Quick Translation Turnaround

With years of experience, we understand unexpected challenges. Turn to 5 Star Translation for prompt English to French translation and immediate assistance in writing, editing, and proofreading. Our emergency services include comprehensive translations with editing and proofreading, ensuring a polished final result without extra work. Trust us for emergency translations on any timeline with our renowned 5 Star service and quality.
Quick business translations - Traductions commerciales rapides
Certified top-quality English to French and French to English translations - Traductions certifiées de qualité de l'anglais vers le français et du français vers l'anglais


Your Emergency
Translation Choice

For swift translations, our emergency services provide qualified translators for accuracy and speediness. 5 Star Translation ensures top-quality English to French and French to English translations, including proofreading and editing in emergency services, acknowledging the importance of meeting tight deadlines without additional post-translation work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use 5 Star Translation for emergency translation?

At 5 Star Translation, you get a rapid, accurate, and verified translation that can be delivered the same day or within 24 hours. We have a sizeable team of translators that are skilled at meeting short deadlines and quickly translating documents.

When an urgent request comes up, emergency translation is required to quickly translate a document from one language into another before the deadline passes. If you have been working on a sizable project for months and suddenly realize that parts of it need to be translated into another language, you may need emergency translation services.
In order to satisfy all of your needs, we provide a variety of emergency translation services, including business translation and website localization. Contact us today for a free quote on your next translation project.
Yes. All our emergency translation services come with complete translations plus editing and proofreading, so that you have a finished result that does not need any further work. We understand that your emergency translation needs come with a tight deadline, which is why we make sure you don’t need extra work post translation.

Everyone. Business organisations and individuals can use our emergency French to English and English to French translation service. We are happy to help all our clients from all walks of life with their emergency translation. Which is why our translation services maintain the highest quality across all clients and according to your needs.

No. Emergency translation cost and turnaround time is a factor of the number of words to be translated, difficulty of the translation, format of the text to be translated and format type of the media to be translated. You will get a quote that reflects your needs at a competitive price.

Your emergency English to French and French to English translation can be handled professionally with a quick turnaround time.
We know that many projects operate on tight timetables that can’t be pushed back. You shouldn’t have to be penalized for this. We offer our high-quality and rapid emergency translations services for no added cost. Our translation prices are based on the volume and scope, not the speed of translation.
Contact us today to learn more about our translation prices.
You can have your translated project returned in as little as half a day depending on its size. There’s no need to sacrifice quality or cost for a fast translation. We know that some projects can move quickly and deadlines can come fast. That’s why we provide emergency translation services to get your project translated on time.
Get in touch to find out how long your project will take to translate.
Our emergency translation services are here to help you with all of your immediate translation needs. Whether that’s with English to French translations or any other emergency English to French translation requirements you may have involving writing, editing, and/or proofreading.
Contact our team today to learn more about what English to French translation services we can provide to you.
When a project deadline comes sooner than expected and translation is required, our emergency translation service provides quick, quality translations for any project. Our team has a history of English to French translations that provide the amazing quality we are known for. Trust our translation experts to deliver a complete translation that does not need any further work.
Contact us today to learn more about our emergency translation services and how we can help you.

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