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No matter what your English to French translation needs are, 5 Star Translation is your reliable choice for accurate and thorough English to French translations with integrity. We separate ourselves from the competition by going above and beyond in both the way we execute English to French translations and the level of quality service to which we are committed to.

When you choose 5 Star Translation, you’re getting an English to French translation from a real, live person (not a machine!) with a passion for translation and a knack for capturing the context and the true, original meaning in every translation project. We might start with the AI tools, but we add context and meaning to that by going paragraph by paragraph to make sure you receive an accurate, complete English to French translation.

Why Should a Professional Translation Matter?

  • Good communication in both French & English can help your business succeed even more

  • Reputational risk for the business when exposed to substandard translation services

  • Small price to pay for communicating the right message to your target audience

  • Website translation subsidized by the government through a grant by the RGA!

Dependable English-French Translations for Business and More

At 5 Star Translation, we are able to take on English to French translation projects of varying scopes across many business categories. Our experience covers a breadth of subjects, from software and business (e.g. administration or marketing) to medicine, engineering and much more – all from a knowledge base stemming from experience in English to French translation as well as extensive research, writing, editing and proofreading.

Beyond the content and integrity of our translations, we are also committed to providing you with superior customer service in all our endeavours. We return most emails & calls within one hour. Do you have a need for urgent or emergency English to French translation? We do not charge extra for this service. We can also edit & proofread the translations in house, saving you time and money. That’s why clients keep coming back to 5 Star Translation – and give us great reviews & referrals.

Gain A Competitive Advantage with Professional English-French Translations

Canada has two official languages, English and French. If you are a Canadian business owner, regardless of the province that you operate in, you can give yourself a significant advantage over your competitors by investing in English to French translation. For approximately 7.2 million Canadians, French is their mother tongue. This means that having high quality and accurate English to French translations of your business’ website, content, or documents can help you increase your target audience reach.

Other advantages of English to French translations include getting the right message across and technical accuracy. If you rely on common methods of translation like Google Translate, you won’t be getting accurate English to French translations that convey the original message of your text. English language syntax and French language syntax are different from one another, which is something that can be easily lost through poor English to French translation. Our translators will also be able to translate with technical accuracy related to the industry your business operates in. Using the right terminology in both languages will give your business more credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to translate English to French? Look no further! We offer a reliable professional translation service that lets you accurately translate English to French. Whether it’s a document, website, or any text, our team of experienced translators ensures that your content is flawlessly translated into French, preserving its meaning and tone. We understand the nuances of both languages, guaranteeing a high-quality translation that effectively communicates your message. Say goodbye to language barriers and translate English to French with ease.

Contact us today for fast, efficient, and precise English-to-French translations.

You must be specific in your communication while dealing with Canadian companies and clients. Start by choosing translators who are proficient in the language or dialect that your target audience uses. This is crucial because there are significant distinctions between official and casual speech and writing, as well as between European and Canadian French.

Many words are specific to Canadian French or differ from their European French counterparts in meaning or range of meaning. In written papers, anglicizations are not well tolerated, therefore formal usage tends to avoid English loan words. Additionally, words commonly used in spoken language, such as parking and shopping, should be translated into native alternatives.

There are differences in terminology across the many varieties of French when it comes to particular industries like healthcare, education, and law. Although the legal system in Quebec is founded on French civil law, for instance, some classic French-Canadian jargon has distinct connotations there than it does in France.

Furthermore, additional linguistic limitations apply to translation between France and Canada. When and how businesses can use English words on signage, public displays, menus, etc. are governed by Quebec’s notably strict Charter of the French Language. Businesses may face a variety of difficulties because of these. This is why all documents and marketing materials would need to be localized for the French-Canadian market.

If your business requires French translation, 5 Star Translation has a group of native speakers with experience in many different fields ready to assist. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our French translation services.

At 5 Star Translation, you’ll be getting an English to French translation from a certified professional translator. In order to provide our clients with translation services in a timely manner, we start by using AI tools to help us begin the process. We then take the time to go through every section of the translation and add context to ensure that the correct tone is being properly carried over from English to French.

Our professional translators are committed to providing accurate and complete translations. If you have any more questions about our English to French translation services, contact us today!

Most people think of Google Translate when they are looking for an easy way to translate text or content from English to French. While Google Translate may be helpful for individual words or common phrases, it’s usefulness ends when faced with a complex sentence or paragraphs. When working with a professional translation service, the benefits include:

  • High Quality Translations
  • Correct Cultural/Syntax Translations
  • Accurate Translations
  • Consistent Translations

The French language can be complex and depending on your target audience, there may be syntax or slang that should be considered (or avoided) when translating content.

At 5 Star Translation, our team of professional translators have many years of experience and can translate any text using any style of writing. All while making sure the proper tone and message of the text remains consistent between both languages.

If you’re interested in professional translation services, contact us today!

French is one of Canada’s official languages and Francophones can be found in many Canadian provinces. In Ottawa, French is the mother tongue of approximately 131,000 residents. We are also right along the Ontario-Quebec border, so there are still more Francophones to account for.

What does this mean for your Ottawa business? It means that a significant portion of your potential audience speaks and understands French. Taking the initiative to have properly translated French content on your website or documents can mean expanding your businesses reach. Professional English to French translations will allow you to communicate the right message to your target audience.

If you’re a business owner in Ottawa, contact our team today to see how we can help you improve your business and reach new audiences!

All we need from you is the size and scope of what you want translated from English to French. Our team of professional translators have so many years of experience in English to French translations that they are able to take any text using any writing style and translate it properly.

Whether you need an English to French translation for creative writing or more technical content, 5 Star Translation is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our translation services.

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The Regroupement des gens d’affaires (RGA), the Francophone Chamber of Commerce for Canada’s National Capital, in collaboration with Heritage Canada, subsidizes the cost of website translation of small and medium-sized businesses. The cost to you is 11 cents per word, with a one-time RGA registration fee of $75

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