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Canadian Standards for Bilingual Packaging

As a business selling products in Canada, you must have bilingual labels and packaging. It’s important to your business’ reputation and operations that you correctly apply language regulations. On both provincial and federal levels, there are distinct requirements for French packaging in Canada. For instance, all information considered mandatory must be presented in both official languages.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Competition Bureau, and the Charter of French Language in Quebec all outline the requirements and standards for bilingual packaging. With all the information available to business owners, it can be overwhelming to sort through what is required for your product packaging. Our professional translators at 5 Star Translation makes adhering to Canadian Standards for bilingual packaging easy! With our in-depth knowledge of accurate and reliable English and French translation, we’ll be able to ensure that your products satisfy Canadian standards.

Why Should a Professional Translation Matter?

  • Good communication in both French & English can help your business succeed even more

  • Reputational risk for the business when exposed to substandard translation services

  • Small price to pay for communicating the right message to your target audience

  • Website translation subsidized by the government through a grant by the RGA!

Expand Your Business With Translated Packaging

Having packaging and food labels properly translated is a great way to expand your business and reach new consumers effectively. When you’re designing your packaging and labels, you focus on perfecting the colours, graphics, and overall design, so why not put that same effort into language translation? Working with a professional translation service allows you to take your product to the next level. Professional translators use localization as a part of the translation process.

Localization is the process of using terms, and vocabulary that is used in a specific region. If you’re selling your product in Quebec, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using the correct verbiage on your labels and packaging to ensure that the message you’re sending to consumers does not get lost in translation! If you’re interested in working with our team at 5 Star Translation, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with product package and label translation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that French material is typically twice as long as English information, you will need to carefully consider placement and style, as well as make adjustments to account for the additional word count, all without making the content appear crowded. For optimum outcomes, make sure your initial design is flexible enough to meet this demand and leave some money in your budget for adjustments as this process progresses.

You can save time, money and potential frustration by having your translators at 5 Star Translation do a quality control/quality assurance check after the translated text has been put into place. This is a crucial step before your packing and labels are approved and sent to print because it is simple to put something in the wrong place or leave out a word.

All goods sold in Canada must adhere to Health Canada regulations. There are some significant distinctions if your product is American-made and your labels were created with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in mind. It’s important to understand all of these nuances before you begin.

Our Competent translators at 5 Star Translation who has knowledge of  packaging translation and Canadian packaging will draw your attention to each of these details.

Not just any old translation will do. Word for word translation frequently falls short because it fails to convey the nuance of what you are attempting to say, which could mean the difference between customers embracing or rejecting your product. Don’t put your product launch at danger by using Google Translate or the cheapest translators you can find; instead, spend money on a qualified translation done by native speakers with the right quality control procedures in place.

Be advised that products being sold in Canada must be provided with metric units of measurement. As you proceed with your project. Our Competent translators at 5 Star Translation who has knowledge of localization and Canadian packaging will draw your attention to each of these details.

Everything must be translated into French. A Canadian label must always be bilingual, with very few exceptions. This necessitates the translation of the language, any units of measurement, and any icons or badges indicating claims. Remember that for the translation to be proper for Québec, it must be done in Canadian French. There are considerable distinctions between Canadian and European French, and the two are not necessarily equivalent.

Of course, translation technology such as Google Translate exists. While it may be a useful tool for quick word translations, it’s not meant to be used in situations where perfect accuracy is important! If you do not invest the time and effort into proper translation for your product packaging, there are many risks that you expose your business to. For instance, regulatory non-compliance. In Canada, labelling regulations are mandatory. It’s within the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s power to recall products with non-compliant labels. Therefore, you want to ensure that the translated content on your packaging is correct!

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Resources for Canadian food labels and product packaging standards can be found at the following links:

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The Regroupement des gens d’affaires (RGA), the Francophone Chamber of Commerce for Canada’s National Capital, in collaboration with Heritage Canada, subsidizes the cost of website translation of small and medium-sized businesses. The cost to you is 11 cents per word, with a one-time RGA registration fee of $75

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